Portrait Sessions & Photography Pricing

(Digital Files are additional unless specified in the package)




Basic Headshot Package: $99.00 – Includes ½ hour photo session, online gallery of 12-24 images for viewing, 1 outfit, plus your choice of one high res-digital image for download, allowing you to copy. print, or post your image as many times as you like. Touch ups will be applied to the images picked for download.

Standard Headshot Package: $195.00 - Includes 1 hour photo session, 3 outfits; online gallery of 40-60 images for viewing, plus your choice of 3 high res digital images for download. Touch ups will be applied to the images picked for download.

Deluxe Headshot Package: $350.00 - Includes 1 hour photo session, 3 outfits; online gallery of 40-60 images for viewing, plus 12 digital photos for download from your online gallery. Touch ups will be applied to the image as needed




Basic Package: $185.00 - 45 min. studio or on-location photo session, 1 outfit,  multiple poses, online gallery of 30+ images for viewing, and 5 High-Res Digital downloadable Files for printing, copying or posting. (pricing includes touch-ups on chosen images). 


Standard Package: $395.00 - 1 hour session, 2 outfit changes, multiple poses, online gallery of 40+ images for viewing 7 high res digital downloadable files, 11 image 5x5 photo book and a 12x18 canvas. (pricing includes touch-ups on chosen images). 


Deluxe Package - $650.00 - 90 min. studio or on-location photo session, 3 outfit changes multiple posing, plus your choice of 10 high res digital downloads files from your photo gallery (40-60+), 16x24 canvas, 16 image 8x8 custom designed Signature Book, (pricing includes touch-ups on chosen images). 

All Digital Package - Includes 1 hour of photography, online gallery for proofing, and 12 high resolution photos for download with touch-ups.

All Digital Deluxe Package
$525.00 Includes up to 3 outfit changes, online gallery and all the gallery photos delivered by download.
(Touch-up available on selected images at $10.00 per image)

All Digital Super Deluxe Package - $985.00 Includes up to 3 outfit changes, online gallery and all the gallery photos, with touch-ups,  delivered by download or USB. 


Additional fees:

- digital files $20.00 each

(additional discounts apply for multiple files purchased)

- Additional outfit changes can be added to any session at $45.00 per outfit.

- Touch-up will be completed on any of the items in each package including downloads and prints.

- Additional time can be added at $150.00 per hour. 


Session Types & Descriptions

Maternity Photo Session 

Maternity Photo with draping - In StudioMaternity Photo with draping - In StudioA maternity photo session taken in studio using colored fabric as a drape, creating an aesthetically pleasing portrait.

One using our custom drapes for more artistic portraits, plus you may bring additional clothing.  We recommend something formal and something more casual.  We invite the father to join in the session as well. 

Babies & Children Portrait Sessions 

Here we like to do a few "Baby in the buff" photos for newborns, and up to 3 baby outfits.  We have a variety of props like baskets and stuffed animals, toys and clothing you can use for the session, but do invite you to bring your own.  For 1st birthday photo shoots we end with a "cupcake smash", we're we photograph them making a mess, as they eat and enjoy their cake, allowing for some awesome pictures. 


Senior & Graduation Photo Sessions  (each session comes with 1 digital image for school) 

Girls Senior PortraitGirls Senior PortraitMikayla Simmons enjoyed her senior photo session at Myles Studio Photography in Highland NY. Her photo shoot consisted of 3 wardrobe changes, allowing her to truly express her personality.   

Our senior and graduation photo sessions allow for a great amount of creativity.  We offer a robe and cap if desired, and invite the student to bring in items that portray their area of interest such as sporting equipment if the like sports, or instruments if they play music, or other items.  Photo sessions can be taken in our studio or on location, like a local park or garden. Most importantly, our goal is to capture their personality, while creating amazing photos. 


Family Photo Session

572A0131-131Family Photo SessionA family photo session with mother, father and baby taken at Myles Studio Photography Inc.

With our family photo sessions we like to create photos that show the special relationship of all the members of your family. We do this by creating a relaxed atmosphere and do our best to make all the members comfortable.  We photograph your family using a variety of props, and with multiple family combinations.  For example, if you have several generations, you can include a combined family but also the individual families or separate generations. Often I'll photograph the children for a siblings photo as well as photographing them individually.


Modeling & Acting Photo Sessions 

Model - Janelle MurrayModel - Janelle MurrayActing photo session of Janelle Murray

Includes 1 hour photo session, 3 wardrobe changes, one location, and 3 high res digital images for use in submitting to modeling agencies. Images are touched up as needed.

Check out our link with tips on what to wear, for your portrait session. 



We also offer a variety of products including:


Photo on CanvasCustom CanvasWe off customized canvases the can include multiple images and a special saying or quote of your choosing.


Parent Albums.5x5 Classic AlbumOur 5x5 Classic album allows for 10 photos on the inside, with a cameo image on the outside. It's available in Black or Pink. Makes an awesome gift for parents, grandparents, and those special people in your life.


Signature Photo BookSignature Photo Book Photo AlbumSignature Book - inside viewEvery page of our signature Books are custom designed, based on the images you pick for your signature book.




Baby Announcement CardsBaby Announcement Cards




(Please note, digital images from the session are additional.  We apply a 10% discount for any items ordered before the photo session).