Myles Studio Photography | Children Photography & Family Portrait Session Information

What to expect for a family, children, or adult portrait session.

There are lots of events in your lives that make fantastic memories worth capturing on a photograph such as:


·        For Newborns – we recommend 2-3 weeks of age

·        1st Birthday

·        Holidays

·        Family Occasions

·        Communions

·        Baptisms

·        Graduations.

What Should Our Child Wear For a Photo Shoot!

Babies & Toddlers Photography - Very little ones (babies) photograph best in simple clothing. White and pastels are classic choices.

Older Children & Teens Photography  - Don't be afraid to put your older child in bold colors or prints. Although not generally recommend for an adult, vivid colors on young children will result in a playful, lively portrait, especially primary colors like red, blue, and green. This is also an excellent time to choose outfits or props that express your child’s personality and favorite playtime activities.

What Should Our Family Wear For a Photo Shoot!

Siblings & Family Portraits – When more than one person is in the portrait, clothing must be coordinated so that it stays within the same style and tonal range. Everybody in the portrait should wear items that complement each other in style and color. Choosing clothes with same or similar colors unifies the picture and keeps the focus on the people in the picture.

What Should We Expect At A Portrait Shoot?

Before you arrive at the studio we will take the time to discuss the style of photography you would like and how you might want to display your images. We will also discuss the possibility of On Location Photography or using our Portrait Studio for your Photography Session.  

For Children Photography – You can expect Fun, Fun, Fun!  We will try to make the photo shoot as enjoyable as possible; there won't really be too much direction from us, just some general suggestions to your child.

After we have confirmed what you are looking for it will be time for your child to spring into action (if they haven't already); it's worth checking their clothing (no labels popping out of collars etc), adjusting hair if necessary and wiping noses. Everything should now be set for the start of the shoot.

Your child will be invited to do what they do best play. They can play and explore while we take the photographs. For younger children we will need you to talk to them to get their attention etc. Depending upon what you are after, we can introduce different props into the shot. As the shoot progresses we will aim to cover all the pictures we discussed at the start.

Many children find the experience (as long as it isn't too long) a fun time. For older children, there will be some lively, energetic background music and we will encourage your child to try different things; star jumps, looking through their legs, playing peek-a-boo, catching bubbles. Some children even enjoy creating their own poses.

For Family Portraits – Before we begin the process of photographing the family it would be a great time for you to check your clothing (no labels popping out of collars), adjusting hair if necessary, wiping noses, etc. Everything should now be set for the start of the shoot.

When we start the shoot, we will gradually build the group asking individuals to turn this way or that way, tilt your head etc, we'll be taking pictures along the way. We will of course include a sequence of shots for each grouping that you requested or that would otherwise make sense.

If you are looking for fun images we will encourage you to play and joke around with each other and while you are having we will be capturing your interaction.

When we are sure we have a suitable selection of photographs, we will finish the shoot and make an appointment for you to return to view the images.

What Happens After Our Children or Family Photo Shoot?

We process the images and make an initial selection of the best pictures. When this is completed, we will contact you to confirm your next appointment back at the studio for the viewing, the appointment is usually about one - two weeks after the photo shoot.

Tell Me About The Viewing

Sit back on the sofa as we dim the lights and start a slide show of your pictures. Your photographs will be projected in the studio for your viewing and selection. When the slide show is over, we will go through the pictures and you can select your favorites!

There are framed prints, canvases and multi-image options to consider. The multi-image product is a great way to display a group of pictures from your shoot, especially if you are finding it difficult to decide which photographs to choose.

Our frames are all of the finest quality and all framing is done on premises. Your images are printed on acid free paper so there is no discoloration over time.