Capture Your Bond as A Family With Myles Family Photography

We, at Myles Photography, have been photographing families at every stage of their ongoing lives for about 3 decades. As a family photographer in Hudson Valley, our goal with every session is to show your attachment and bond with one another, including pets as well. For us, family photography sessions are an epitome of fun and bliss as our camera brings out each family member’s one-of-a-kind spirit.

Why Choose Us?

Photos help keep your family and generations connected to their roots. Throughout the evolving seasons of your life, photographs bring back fond memories of past years. With our experience, extensive training, and a wide range of equipment, we bring out the best of all of the kids, parents, and even pets you during your family photography session.

If you’re worried about kids and pets being uncooperative and rambunctious at the time of the shoot, don’t worry! Our family photography session is all about, keeping the mood and air light and fun. We, at Myles, know the tricks to arrange family groups and handle the technical nuances of photography, even with hyperactive munchkins running all around. This expertise comes from over 30 years of experience as a family photographer in Hudson Valley.

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