Making you look promising and professional.

The beauty of an amazing headshot is that it can open many doors to your career. We, at Myles Photography Studio, are NY headshot photographers who know how to make you look your best and remove the barriers of bad profile shot from your professional career.

Take a look at how our headshots can help you boom in your professional:


It all begins with your image because you need to look the part. For anyone who doesn’t, they’ll risk being passed over for the one who does. The longer you wait to get a superior quality headshot that represents how competent and professional you are, the more chances you have to make the move you want.


There's no substitute for using a professional headshot to represent yourself. Now you can create your presence (both online and in print) to attract employers, partners, and clients. You have numerous goals to accomplish, for now, and in the future as well. And we want for you to ace them all. Our headshots will help you take a step forward and become prominent in the front line.


It's time to make a move and grab your dream position by the credentials. You have the skills, the confidence and the drive to put it all together and leave your mark. Don't let self-doubt or excuses get in your way. Get an awesome headshot experience with Myles that answers all your questions and delivers promising headshots.

Why choose us?

We, at Myles Studio Photography, believe in capturing your individuality and your passion through our lens. A NY headshot photographer who is invested in making you look your best is everything you need to partner with. Getting headshots done by a professional headshot photographer is the first step one can take towards his career. And Myles Studio Photography is proud to collaborate with you at the start of this journey.

From the smirk of your wit to the spark in your eyes – Myles journalistic instinct captures the unique, real you in an image which speaks of your passion and professionalism in volumes. As an experienced photographer and observer, he appreciates the individuality and distinctiveness of every subject and celebrates its aura through his work. Headshots by Myles are vibrant and confident. They can make you look like the best candidate your employer was looking for since ages!


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