Infant Photography/Baby Portraits: What to expect at your shoot

What should I and my baby expect at a photo shoot?

The thought of visiting a photography studio with your new family member can make you feel a little apprehensive; this is why we also offer the service of coming to your home. When you choose to come to the studio we will try and put your mind at ease by describing what happens during your photo shoot and what the environment will be like. If your baby likes music, we can ensure there is some playing in the background. If your baby is colicky we will play white noise or a soft hair drying sound in the background as well. We try our best to make you and your baby as comfortable as possible. We don’t want to make you uncomfortable by rushing the photography shoot, so we allot between 2 -3 hours for each of our shoots.

Most importantly, we will plan the photography shoot around you and your baby. Some babies like their precise routines, others aren't quite so structured; we will aim to schedule your appointment at a time that best aligns with you and your newborn’s schedule.

The studio is located in a peaceful setting; it is bright and welcoming. We keep the studio at a comfortable temperature for your baby. Upon your arrival we will spend some time talking about the different props we will use to photograph your newborn/baby and the types of clothing to be used to create the beautiful pictures. If your baby likes music, we can ensure there is some playing in the background. If your baby is colicky we will play white noise or a soft hair drying sound in the background as well. We try our best to make you and your baby as comfortable as possible.

Once you and your baby are ready, we’ll ask you to place them on the staged prop (this is a raised area where we can position your baby, props, toys etc) ready for the shoot. We’ll then take a few pictures while you are talking to your baby (or doing whatever it takes to get the expression you want us to capture!). As the shoot progresses, we will adjust positions and any props/toys to ensure we get the opportunity to capture your little one at their very best.

When we are sure we have a suitable selection of photographs, we will finish the shoot. If your baby decides differently and wants to finish early or just wants a break, then we will stop the shoot. There is enough time during a shoot that if needed we can take a break for you to feed or change your baby. If we need to, we can schedule another appointment so that you can return to try again.

When all the photographs have been taken and we are happy with the results  we will make an appointment for you to return to view the images.

At what age should I take my baby for photographs?

There are several development stages that are important steps to record:

1. Newborn (1-6 weeks)

You might not believe it but the best time to have your newborn's pictures done is when they are between 1 -2 weeks old.  Newborn pictures can capture the emotions of those precious first weeks especially when soft subtle, low lighting is used. This style of photography can work very well in black and white and can also hide some of the flaky skin, red patches etc. that are sometimes present on newborns.

If you would like newborn images, there are some intimate poses, with parents holding their baby, that work very well. For these shots, it is a good idea to bring long sleeve black tops for the parent.

2. When your baby starts to roll onto its front! 

This makes for some great pictures, especially when they can lift their heads.

3. When he or she can sit.

Once at this stage, babies are usually pretty mobile and the fun really starts. They love to get about in order to explore their environment. This is a great time to catch those big smiles as they see something new, or concentrating faces while they play with a new toy.

4. When your baby can stand.

They aren't quite ready for school but they are well on their way! It's so exciting to see them stand for the first time; I love the way they wobble and fall back down right on their behinds, bending perfectly at the waist, back into a sitting position.

Do you have a baby package?

Yes! We have a Baby's First Year Package. This includes 4 photo shoots in the first year and you will receive a beautiful, deluxe framed composition with your favorite images that tell the story of the first 12 months of development.

What should my baby wear during a photo shoot!

Little ones photograph best in simple clothing. White and pastels are classic choices.

Newborns and babies have gorgeous skin, and nothing shows off that natural, innocent soul like nakedness (or just a nappy). An added bonus for slightly older babies is that eyes tend to stand out more when they are not overpowered by clothing.

A popular look for baby and children portraits is all white. This gives a clean and natural look to the images, and is a great way to create a classic portrait that captures the purity of childhood.

Don't be afraid to put your baby or child in bold colors or prints. Although not generally recommend for an adult (or newborns), vivid colors on young children will result in a playful, lively portrait, especially primary colors like red, blue, and green.

Props can be a great addition, so consider bringing your child's favorite book, stuffed animal or toy.

What happens after my shoot?

We will process the images and make an initial selection of the best pictures. When this is completed, we will contact you to confirm your next appointment back at the studio for the viewing, the appointment is usually about a two weeks after the photo shoot.

Tell me about the viewing

Sit back on the sofa as we dim the lights and start a slide show of your pictures. Your photographs will be projected in the studio for your viewing and selection. When the slide show is over, we will go through the pictures and you can select your favorites!

We have many products for you to use to display your images. There are framed prints, canvases and multi-image options to consider. The multi-image product is a great way to display a group of pictures from your shoot, especially if you are finding it difficult to decide which photographs to have.

Our frames are all of the finest quality and all framing is done on premises. Your images are printed on acid free paper so there is no discoloration over time.