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A collection of Senior Portraits, graduation portraits, sweet 16 portraits, and variouse types of teen portraits taken by Myles Studio Photography, both in studio and on location.
Sweet 16 Photo SessionGirl's Senior Portrait - Longview ParkMyles Studio - Sweet 16 portrait at Longview Park in Poughkeepsie.Boys High School Senior PortraitGirls Senior PortraitGirl's Senior PortraitMyles Studio - Sweet 16 portrait at Longview Park in Poughkeepsie.18th Birthday PortraitSenior PortraitBoy's Studio Senior PortraitBoy's 15th Birthday PhotoSweet 16 portrait at Longview Park in Poughkeepsie.Sweet 16 Birthday PortraitGirls Senior Portrait - Cluett-Schantz Memorial ParkGirls Senior PortraitGirls Senior PhotoGirls High School Senior PortraitGirls College Senior PortraitGirls College PortraitMyles Studio -118