Myles Studio Photography | What to Wear

For clothing tips, we recommend solid colors. Try to avoid anything with a lot of patterns. ( ie stripes and polka dots) or logos. Neutral colors work well, like browns, blues, tans ect… But it does depend on the season.  For example, warm colors in the fall,( think autumn leaves) cool colors in the winter, and more vibrant colors in the spring and summer.  If you can, new is better than used. (A good excuse to go shopping) Avoid sneakers and white or bright socks. For couples or families, try to coordinate your clothing by wearing the same color, shades of the same color, or colors that compliment each other.  (see example photos below)  For footwear, we recommend shoes or boots.

For style of clothing, it a good idea to bring something casual and something a little more formal. For photo shoots in our studio, we recommend to also  bring 1 all white or all black outfit. For women, we also recommend to have your hair and makeup professionally done.  But that is totally up to you.  I do have make-up artist I can recommend if you like.  If you do your own make-up, try to keep is simple.  As the saying goes, less is more. Be sure to bring a comb and/or brush as well.  Accessories like hats, scarves, and sunglasses also can add to the shoot.

Most importantly, wear something that is comfortable and matches your personality. 


Myles Studio Photography-159Myles Studio Photography-159Rosemarie's Senior Portrait Session, taken at the Cluett-Schantz Memorial Park in Milton NY Winter Engagement Photo - Minnewaska State ParkWinter Engagement Photo - Minnewaska State ParkThis photo was taken as part of an engagement session at Minnewaska State Park in Kirhonkson NY. Family Portrait - Rocking Horse RanchFamily Portrait - Rocking Horse RanchThe Garrison Family family portrait session, taken at the Rocking Horse Ranch in Highland NY. Family Portrait - Rocking Horse RanchFamily Portrait - Rocking Horse RanchThe Weintraub family had their portrait session taken at the Beautiful Rockinghorse Ranch in Highland NY.